Techno + Cooking with Xenia & Ramiro Lopez

Techno + Cooking with Xenia & Ramiro Lopez

At Plaza del Reloj in Camuñas, Spain, the two techno stars Ramiro Lopez and Xenia have delighted us with a delicious ukranian dish called "Vareniki" while droping some techno bombs (as they usually do).

Chef Lopez begings with a short interview explaining the dish preparation as well as some of the projects Xenia is working on, followed by a unique daytime b2b set, dividing the main tasks, cooking & mixing. This set includes beautiful drone shots from the mind blowing location as well as closeups on the cooking and mixing (Quality at it's finest). There we're some visitors who came to dance during the performance, be sure to check out Min. 47 for a special one.

Chef Lopez is a concept Ramiro Lopez created during the pandemic by combining his two passions in life, Food & Techno. This has continued for more than two years now, hosting amazing guests like Cristian Varela, Fatima Hajji, Lilly Palmer, Spartaque, etc. He's created a different kind of content in a world where everything seems to have happened already.

Xenia is not new to online DJ Sets, as she's managed to accumulate several million views on youtube. Usually she picks special spots around the world and live performances on festivals like Aquasella, but testing her mixing and cooking skills at the same timede this is something fans we're excited about

This dish " Vareniki" are dumplings that are traditional in Ukraine and Russia. There have several kinds of fillings, with mashed potatoes being the most classic.

Could techno give a special taste to this dish?

Find below the full set on youtube.