Welcome Tony Guerra to Analog Spain

Welcome Tony Guerra to Analog Spain

We are happy to introduce you to Tony Guerra for exclusive representation in Spain.

DJ / Producer / Label Head / Tony is one of the leading artists from Venezuela. He owns his Overtones label directly supported by artists such as Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, GORDO, The Martinez Brothers, Dennis Cruz and many more. He has releases on big labels like Nervous, Crash, Unity, Stereo, etc.

With references such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Dubfire, Dennis Ferrer, Tony has managed to create his own sound as a producer and DJ. Master of tension and release, he manages to take the public towards a euphoric atmosphere and get them in trance in just a few songs, taking him to perform at top-level events worldwide such as: BPM Festival (Miami), Wynwood Factory (Miami), The Bassmnt (Madrid), Pacha (Barcelona), Eden Club (Ibiza), Bahrain (Buenos Aires), Lost Beach (Ecuador), Club Room (Chile) , Salón Amador (Colombia), BSH Festival (Croatia), Resistance Festival (Panama), leaving his artistic mark and his creations perfectly exposed with the musical skill and depth of his own sound knowledge.

Tony is in a class of his own with a vision of the future, in which creativity and the relentless search for new forms of expression are some of his main constant and resounding virtues. With a career spanning over a decade, Tony has enjoyed success and recognition in the commercial arena, and since 2017 Tony has been the recipient of numerous Pepsi Music Awards, one of the highest honors achievable in music.

As we all know, being a DJ is not enough in today's world, that's why Guerra is involved in many different projects, such as:

Tony Takes: Live DJ Sessions in different spots worldwide, from the snowy mountains in Chile, New York City, Dominican Republic, of course his home Venezuela, and many more.

Mez-Class: His more mature side has got Tony to share all his musical knowledge to many young DJs/ Producers around the world, hosting his own Masterclass/ Course both online and in a physical way. Some examples are collaborating with IED School in Madrid, Music Business Academy worldwide, etc.

Be sure to follow Tony Guerra and stay up to date with what his doing, with so much going on you won't be bored for a second.

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