'I Want You' by Nic Fanciulli + Butch is the summer track.

'I Want You' by Nic Fanciulli + Butch is the summer track.

We're back really soon with updates on the master, Nic Fanciulli. This time back to back with Butch, the German producer who is also one of the most influential DJ/ Producers of this era.

I Want You is a sublime, fresh record made for the summer released through DFTD Records, so you know what to expect. You can feel the ocean breeze creeping in as the track evolves with beautiful and simple tribal percussion to give a beach vibe as well. 'I Want You' is essentially a disco record, both Nic and Butch are veterans when it comes to disco, and it's really amazing to witness the elegance on how they are able to maintain the essence of what disco music is to a much more trending, actual sound.

Personally, when there's a piece of music that can be imagined in several different scenarios, that's when greatness is achieved. This record could be the soundtrack at a beach club watching the sunset, a dance floor breaker at peak time clubbing, watching the sunrise on the after-party or simply enjoying a piña colada while looking at the ocean.

Congrats to these two, don't miss them this summer in Ibiza, which this track will definitely be playing everywhere.

Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3Dh81kJfGeinI3r7YMNX3E?si=_bZJxrkaQh-KyaPceJtKow