Stephan Jolk is back on Zamna Records

Stephan Jolk is back on Zamna Records

Stephan Jolk, the Italian DJ / Producer, is one of the new sensations in the electronic music scene. Best known for his incredible live sets in beautiful locations, creating beautiful landscapes throughout nature and technology.

His music productions are not easily defined, as well as his DJ Sets since what a true artist does is express whatever is happening through their mind, although, you can find his sound esthetic through all the different genres Stephan explores, from Melodic techno, Afro house, tech house, tribal, organic, electronica, etc...

Talking about his new release, he really outdid himself. Sound of the Jungle (Pt. 6/6) is the latest part of a compilation curated by Zamna Records, the creators of some of the most prestigious festivals in the world. This single is comprised by two different songs, starting with "Morning Comes ". This record combines in a magnificent way tribal percussions with melodic but powerful synths, accompanied by a baseline filled with groove. Jolk creates a dark atmosphere, making it feel like a walk through a dense jungle at night, involving yourself in whatever it might bring, all through sound. It also includes female vocals, which lighten the darkness of the record, but at the same time makes a statement on how powerful can mother nature be, and motivates you to keep going" till the morning comes". It's quite impressive.

Not only that, but it makes perfect synergy with what Zamna represents, since their base festival is in the middle of the Tulum Jungle, this would definitely be a banger to hear at this event, waiting for the sunrise to hit your eyes,

The second record on this single is by The Element.

Be sure to hear the full record to really experience what is described here, you will not be disapointed.

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