Brazilian techno queen Fernanda Martins back with brand new heater.

Brazilian techno queen Fernanda Martins back with brand new heater.

If you're a techno fan, you've surely come across Fernanda Martins. She's not only a brilliant performer (very explosive mixes, dominant turntable skills creating high energy sessions), but a really experienced and versatile producer, dominating all different sorts of techno.

For this release, she's gotten involved with the Swedish 'Substantiv Collective' and created the cut 'Lahar', 1st of 13 tracks in this compilation called 'Pronomina III' which has a deeper background and purpose that I will talk about later on.

'Lahar' premiered through 'Techno Germany' on November 1st, 2022 and definitely left an impression to those who listened. To create quality hard techno, it's really important to have enough space to enjoy every different sound introduced in any track. I'ts really easy to fall into the intense, saturated track that may sound energetic, but loses all its musicality. Fernanda managed to create a well-rounded piece of techno. Blunt and dark synths, a well polished kick-drum, some acid details and a beautiful open hi-hat just create a dark, energetic and refined atmosphere that will make you enjoy from beginning to end either in a huge festival, nice underground club or simply with your headphones at home.

'Pronomina III' is a compilation made by an international force of artists in support of the atrocities happening in Ukraine. All proceeds from this will be donated to UNICEF for their current work with Ukraine.

Listen to ' Fernanda Martins - Lahar ' below.