Sasha releases ' Wolks Vagon '

Sasha releases ' Wolks Vagon '

Sasha, a man who needs no introduction is back with brand new music through his very respected label 'Last Night On Earth'.

After many years in the elite of the underground electronic music scene, Sasha's career keeps on growing at an exciting rate, maintaining his fanbase engaged with constant new music releases, sold out label showcases, full touring schedule and expanding through showcasing new exciting talent, using his platform to empower and grow newer artists and reach newer audiences.

In this case we can see the example with Eli & Fur, this duo is the very definition of what well rounded artists look like. As songwriters, producers and performers, they have passed through some of the most prestigious stages in the world, like Coachella, Glastonbury, Tomorrowland or Creamfields.

Wolks Vagon is a Single EP produced by Sasha, including a remix by Eli & Fur.

The first word that comes to mind when listening to this record is powerful. It's quite impresive how a very simple track, with few melodic elements can create suck a grandious atmosphere with such a serious groove. Big round kickdrums, perfectly cohesive baseline, profound melodies and subtle vocal elements. Wolks Vagon is flexible to many different scenarios, from pumping weights at the gym, to dancing at the main stage of a festival, or enjoying the sunset at the beach with a piña colada. Congrats to one more masterpiece created.

The Eli & Fur Remix is a great representation of how you can maintain the esence of an original track, but adapting it to your own sound, and the girls acomplished it here. Elements are mostly the same, but you can see how the record becomes more progresive and soft, making it more profound by pitching it to a higher note and adding a few percusive elements that give the Eli & Fur sound.

Be sure to listen below: