"Premiere Khen- Evergreen"

LF055-PecasBeatport-1BY: CHRISTINA HERNANDEZ NOV 3, 2018

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen the prodigious Khen on his home label of Lost&Found. Following the immense success of his debut album, One Day Of Independence, he’d since seen a succession of heavy touring, and an expansion of his horizons onto Vivrant and other imprints. That said, his upcoming Pecas release something special.
We got a hold of its closing track, “Evergreen,” which is stripped-down brilliance. Subtle chords breeze through a driving foundation built of strong bass and crisp percussion, placing the mind in a state of trance. It doesn’t need a multitude of bells and whistles to accomplish its mission of controlling the dancefloor; its nuanced, yet effect construction does the trick. “Evergreen” is certainly a fitting closer to an overall powerful EP.