Nic Fanciulli is back with "SOS Remix ft. Polina "

Nic Fanciulli is back with "SOS Remix ft. Polina "

As we all know, Nic is one of the most prolific artists in the industry, as a DJ/ Producer/ Label Manager and many other projects, we're happy to hear him back with new music.

The original track is from Russian electro-pop group A'Studio, but Nic has taken this to a supreme level. This is one of those tracks that allow many reimaginations and twists, as the first time Fanciulli involved himself was by remixing alondside Andy Chatterley with their duo called Skylark. This time the English producer came with an edit for the remix, making the track a complete bomb, from a technical and danceable standpoint.

This record was released through DFTD, as the 66th relase so it has of course original house vocals from A'Studio, giving and old-school vibe, creating and building a lot of energy during the whole track. It also has the recognized african percusions that Fanciulli really likes alongside some acid details during the whole recording, but, the most impressive part of this record arguably, is the technical level the kick has, it's full, round, smooth but powerfull that will make you move wherever you listen, although on the dancefloor it will sure blow everyones mind.

Be sure to go take a listen
And if you're a DJ, grab your copy.