New Music by Eats Everything - 'Honey'

New Music by Eats Everything - 'Honey'

Let’s rewind to 1995, to Dan’s (Eats Everything) teenage years and when his friend Jack first introduced him to the original Moi Renee - Miss Honey. Ball Culture has always been a massive interest of Dan’s and one of the very first videos he ever saw when YouTube was in its infancy was the original, iconic Miss Honey. In turn, it became something iconic for his group of friends at the time and is completely nostalgic when talking about it now.

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Dan loved the vocals, so when his gig at Little Gay Brother in London was approaching, he decided to get in the studio and make his own edit for the dancefloor in April 2018. “I sampled the drum loop from an old Armand Van Helden remix, added some bass and a little bit of a riff, and when I put the acapella over the top - it worked a treat” – says Dan’.

“It booted off!!” – that was the feedback from the show in London and at a later show at Sound in Los Angeles. “After that, I thought I might be onto something, as the crowd was going mental. So, I went back to the studio and made it sound bigger with some rave stabs and sent it out to a few people” adds Dan. The end result? An explosive slice of house with a rambunctious groove!

Fans are asking Dan every day about the release date, after Patrick Topping, Fatboy Slim and Annie Mac all dropped the track, and have been giving it the love it deserves ever since. Now available for purchase!