"Just a Feeling" by Matador, MEDUZA, Artche, certified bomb.

"Just a Feeling" by Matador, MEDUZA, Artche, certified bomb.

Here we review his latest release, " Just a Feeling ", alongside MEDUZA and Artche. This is simply a piece of art, you can hear the technical level that both Matador and MEDUZA have acomplished in their careers, as well as the freshness Artche brings to the table. You can also feel the track, something that can't be said to most electronic music put out today. It's really cool to be able to hear the different essences from artists coming together and making as much sense as Just a Feeling.

This record is a beautiful demonstration of what melodic techno represents, starting with a driving bass line, creating energy with a simple but powerful synth. At the first drop, you can hear the vocal introduction, it's smooth and fit's perfectly with the instrumental, working as a compliment and describing what the sounds make you feel. Later on at the main break, you can hear some strings which just make the track complete, creating a sentimental atmosphere, giving you space to breathe and process the lyrics, and get yourself ready to dance on the drop.

Don't take my word for it, have a listen below and judge it for yourself, like 500k+ people have in the last 3 months.