Legendary Record by Sasha

Legendary Record by Sasha

Whenever anyone talks about Sasha, one of the first things that comes up is his incredible ability to tap into the human experience and create a journey through his live performances. This is not the only way Sasha is able to take you through an auditory voyage.

I'm sure you've definitely heard of Depeche Mode; English electronic rock band with hit songs like 'Personal Jesus' or 'Enjoy the Silence ', and Alexander Paul Coe, (known professionally as Sasha) did what very few dare to do, remix one of their biggest records ever.

This is a tricky situation, because remixes on hit songs can get a lot of backlash due to' ruining the original song ', something that I personally don't agree with, but do see where people come from. For a remix to be of my liking, it has to be magnificent, respecting the original essence of the record, and giving it a different atmosphere, beat or feeling.

Sasha did this like few are able to achieve in their lifetime as producers. By reimagining 'Precious' with his own 'Spooky Mix' he managed to create a masterpiece out of a masterpiece, maintaining what the original record is, but focused on the dance floor with a lot more to dig from. This is a dark record, released in August 2005, this is a 10-minute expedition through the realms of electronic music. The perfect balance to feel, dance and sing as the track progresses. It's amazing to see how deeply a song can impact your experience as a human being, and Sasha left us with this gem to shift our perspectives on what's possible with electronic music.

This record has been re-released this past November 11th as the opening song to the latest remix album from Depeche Mode 'Playing The Angel - The 12" Singles'

Find here the link for the full album.