'Las Mil AM EP' by Guti is out now

'Las Mil AM EP' by Guti is out now

Release friday.... we're excited to hear this one.

Guti is back with a brand new release on 'SiO', label managed by Joey Daniel. 'Las Mil AM' is a profound, fun and complex musical journey, as we can expect with Guti, the groove is the main core. We can hear analog synths all along the 3 different tracks, as well as some original house music vocals and some disco influences. This gives a totally new atmosphere to his sound, by making justice to the history of house, as well as twisting it to give it a new, experimental feel.

This songs are both exciting and interesting for all kinds of audience, they're fun, groovy and make you move instantly. For a more developed hearing, theres layers & layers to dig, unfolding beautiful patterns, rhythms and sounds that will instantly get you hooked. This is the kind of tracks that you would hear at an underground after party on a villa in Ibiza, where a big part of the musical foundation of electronic music today was incubated, and Guti understands the scene like few others, delivering every single time.

Listen here the full 3 track EP 'Las Mil AM' by Guti.