Julia Govor - New Live Mix at HEX Transmission

Julia Govor - New Live Mix at HEX Transmission

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█ audio: Julia Govor

► LIVE VISUALS VIDEO: bit.ly/305siN4

Tonight, we welcome Julia Govor to HEX Transmission. Born in Russia but New York-based, Julia started as singer in a military band back at home and ended up Djing along with Jeff Mills in New York. Her artist name comes from her Belarusian family origins, maintaining her real name for the public. During Julia’s sets she fluctuates between multiple styles, keeping it eclectic and unexpected in every transition she makes.

Her productions lean towards the groovy side of Techno, while keeping it detail-loaded and hypnotic. She runs her own multidisciplinary music label Jujuka, launched last year, and where each release comes out with a humorous comic about the electronic music scene. Among her latest projects, you can find her last collaboration record with Jeroen Search on Pushmaster Discs.

Let’s see what Julia has in store for HEX.


  1. Kamran Sadeghi - New Balance
  2. Cosmin TRG - Exuberant Gambit
  3. Atom tm - Datahighway
  4. Object Blue - Chipping At The Kingdom
  5. Julia Govor - Shelter 909
  6. Esther Ofei - Pissing On The Hawthorns
  7. Black Pigeons - Original Mix
  8. Sample Predators - Unknown ID
  9. Mindcut Music - Stridance
  10. Oliver Roseman - DL BondNeznan
  11. PTU - Castor and Pollux Trиp
  12. Cool Tiget - Right Now (Unreleased)
  13. Chancellor - Tweet It Freq it
  14. Remco Beekwilder - Skeemask

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