Introducing Hozho to Analog Spain.

Introducing Hozho to Analog Spain.

It's not everyday that we get one like Hozho.... A portuguese DJ/ Producer characterized by his own musical genre creation ' Melodark '. This unique sound combines harmonious melodies in the middle of darkness, with influences of minimal techno. Joel (Hozho) makes melodious what appears to be tenebrous, the calm during the storm, the ying and yang.

He wears a mask similar to what the plague doctors used to wear back in the 16th - 17th centuries. These doctors had a mixed reputation, from one side, they we're doctors, so they we're in charge of curing the diseased regardless of their income. On another side, these doctors represented fear, since seeing one told the people sickness was around. This goes hand to hand to what Hozho represents with his artistry, not just music, but all his profile.

I'ts amazing to witness new talents uprise as fast as Hozho has in the last years, although he's not new to this. He has been releasing music for more than 7 years, consistent to his message, he's now gaining the recognition he deserves, and it's only the beginning. With the combination of millions of views on his youtube channel, Albums / Single releases with millions of streams, shows around the globe, and of course, his unique artistry.

Find below link to his youtube channel, be sure to surf around, you'll have many things to uncover.