'Endure and Survive' newest hit by Hozho

'Endure and Survive' newest hit by Hozho

Joel Monteiro or Hozho is an artist that uses every resource at his disposal to express his life view and experiences. It's not often we come across an artist so well-rounded. Let's dive into what Hozho represents and, of course, his new single release 'Endure and Survive'.

In Navajo philosophy, hozho is considered a state of being and a way of life. It involves living in harmony with oneself, others, the natural world, and the spiritual realm. It includes maintaining a balanced relationship with all elements of creation, including the earth, sky, plants, animals, and fellow human beings. To achieve Hozho, one must strive to cultivate positive qualities such as kindness, respect, gratitude, and humility. The Navajo people believe that when hozho is present, it brings about well-being, happiness, and a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Hozho wears his own adaptation of a mask that doctors used back in the 16th and 17th century, mainly on the ages where bubonic plague was attacking mankind. They were used in an attempt to scare off the diseases, bad spirits and protect the people. We can interpret Joel using this mask as a way to protect and scare off negative energy from the dance floors and create a more liberating, free experience for his performances.

'Endure and Survive' is a magical track, Hozho's newest release. This record draws inspiration by some dialogue of the famous TV Series, 'The Last Of Us'. Joel's signature sound 'Melodark' in this song has a different strong energy, a mix of hope, motivation, pain, desperation. Incredible his ability to create contrast and make it work so seamlessly.

Be sure to check listen and go dig more on Hozho.