Davide Squillace & Ninetoes Release 'Kuneh'

Davide Squillace & Ninetoes Release 'Kuneh'

Davide's distinctive style blends intricate rhythms, hypnotic melodies, and a deep understanding of the dancefloor's energy. His productions effortlessly traverse the spectrum of electronic music, from minimal techno to house and beyond, consistently pushing boundaries and defying genre constraints.

Ninetoes' signature sound is a fusion of classic house vibes and modern production techniques, characterized by irresistible rhythms, soulful melodies. His ability to blend the old and the new has made him a standout figure in the house music revival.

Both artists go beyond your typical dance track, they create a complex musicallity ambiance on a deep, groovy base which will surprise any music fan. With Kuneh, they did just that. A mastery in music production.

Released through Ninetoes label 'Head To Toe' [#HTT007] this friday September 1st, and it's already charting as one of the most exciting tracks to be released post summer.

Take a listen below and be your own judge.