Cristian Varela presents his 25th anniversary career with an exclusive documentary

Any history of electronic music in Spain would never be complete without taking into account one of our most accomplished musician, composer and DJ’s, Cristian Varela. Beyond a doubt, Cristian has been a key figure in the overall development of this experimental contemparaneous dance music industry here in Spain as well as one of our pioneers in respect to the international stage. Originally from Madrid, this artist who has been based in London for quite some time, has written some of the most transcendental pages in this constantly evolving development in first person, standing out as a true pioneer in a wide range of areas and when we put them all together we may see the roadmap he has set out in this profession. By looking at the leading artists in this sector we will be able to get a better vision of Cristian Varela’s critical role in the worldwide field of electronic music.

The documentary will be presented around February 2019. This is the first teaser: