Awesome Soundwave is Live EP 5

Awesome Soundwave is Live EP 5

The new innovative and culturally expanding label by Carl Cox & Christopher Coe is back with their 5th compilation EP to challenge us on an auditory journey, inviting us to open our minds and our ears to a new experimental, emotional and mind-expanding experience.

To give some context on Awesome Soundwave, "A Label of Love" (said by the head honcho, Carl Cox) it's focused only on live electronic artists. 'We only sign live artists.. and we want the music to be next level and boundary-less..' and as they state, this EP is all about breaking boundaries with technical excellence and beautifully well composed music.

This EP includes 4 tracks, featuring the label boss Christopher Coe, Giorgia Angiulli, MaSpaventi and Charlie Thorstenson. It seems to be separated into the first two tracks and the following two.

The first track (By Coe) called 'My Dark Materials' is well crafted minimalistic techno with modular synths that create a captivating atmosphere, sounding like a robot's nightmare, utilizing space in a very elegant way to highlight certain sounds, and of course, creating a lot of energy and tension throughout the whole track. Hat's off to Christopher on this one. The following one by Charlie Thorstenson is also a dark adventure.

The second part of the EP transmits a different ambience, filled with more light and hopeful energy.

The last track, Purple Eye by Giorgia Angiulli is a special one... It transmits a unique and peaceful feeling, using low frequency arpeggios, several layers of different melodies, creating a full spectrum of beautiful sounds, complementing with angelical choir type vocals. Complex in its structure, but really easy to listen. It feels like an energy healing experience, a meditation of some type.

Be sure to get your copy of this excellent piece of music in the link below.