Analog Welcomes MËSTIZA For Exclusive Representation

Analog Welcomes MËSTIZA For Exclusive Representation

MËSTIZA, the return to Spanish flamenco origins through electronic music, is now part of the Analog family for exclusive representation in Europe, Asia & South America.

Downtempo, elegant, exotic and high fashion would be a few words to describe what MËSTIZA have to offer. The Spanish duo made up by Belah & Pitty Bernard are more than just musicians, but experience creators and trend setters. Elegance reigns their whole vision. Music, fashion choice, event creation, visual content, live show, selectors, make MËSTIZA one of the hottest artists to see.

'SACRO' is their event concept. "The bewitchment of electronic music & the magic of flamenco" rounds up what you can expect, although you'll surely be surprised. Either in Madrid, Tulum, Ibiza, if you have the chance to attend, you'll be mesmerized by the whole experience. Ritual like performances, flamenco legends and of course, MËSTIZA leading the sound journey through the night.

With the objective to create a new identity from the Spanish brand reference, the fusion of African, Arabic & Latin rhythms electronically processed has lead to major success through the whole world. From Ibiza to Miami, Dubai, Tulum, New York, Morocco and of course, Madrid their hometown.

Be sure to keep up with this magical artists, as they will continue to surprise us.