Analog family @ DJ MAG's Top 100

Analog family @ DJ MAG's Top 100

One more year has gone by, and DJ Mag presents the Top 100 DJs in the world for 2022, with some noticeable changes. What used to be underground dance music, seems to be growing by the minute in the industry, and we're all here for this.

The Top 10 names are still in the EDM genre, starting with Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Vini Vici, etc. This genre has been dominating the top slots in the list for many years now, although later on the list we can see how the business is evolving and people searching for new sounds. What used to be underground is now coming to light, and you can see this reflected on how the list keeps developing. One great data point I really like to see (Cheers to DJ Mag on this) is being able to see how the artist changed from last year's list, going up or going down, as this is a great indicator of what the tendency is and where the industry is heading.

Of course, there are many rumors on how the list is being done, but one thing is for sure, people get to vote. Even if it wouldn't be 100% based on voting, it has a major influence and cannot be ignored. This year there are many great things to stand out and one of them is that two of Analog family's artists are on this list, Carl Cox and Deborah de Luca, both on the rise.

Carl Cox is a veteran on this list, being the global ambassador for the techno scene, he keeps on delivering unique, euphoric, energetic and simply great performances, always innovating. Now with his hybrid live set and incredible new releases on 'Awesome Soundwave', he keeps on proving why he's the boss. This year, he grew 5 slots, landing on number 22 on the list.

Deborah de Luca keeps breaking barriers, with her intense touring schedule, she's managing to impact all over the world with her energy. Like said on DJ Mag, 'Deborah is known for slaying dance floors', and this is mostly with her own records. When you hear Deborah, expect some peak-time techno with dark tones and some 90's-00's vocals like 'Toxic' 'Children' and more. This year, she makes a well deserved welcome back on the list, gaining the 50th spot on the list.

If you want to see the full DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ's for 2022 check the link below.